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It’s funny how we think that we are the ones who chose our destination; it’s not a real thing. To tell the truth, I never even thought about to visit those 2 cities. The funny moment is that I was gifted with Petronas towers replica a long time ago. That I couldn’t finish assembling, so the most recognized symbol of KL is still undone. But that not the point of this story…. Read More

TUN ABDUL RAZAK, HERITAGE PARK (formerly known as Lake Gardens) I did hear that you need at least a day to conquer this place. But I was too arrogant and thought that I’d do it in 2 hours. Naive me … we went there at 10 and finally went out at 15.00, and I can’t say that I did manage to understand where the time went. It’s just vanished, while we were… Read More

That’s simple, favorite things in Busan – Sea, eomuk, less touristy… and MEN. Specifically, men from Busan. Let me explain to you more detailed.  Sea Eomuk or Odeng 어묵(오뎅) Even traditional cuisine is more delicious in Busan rather than in Seoul. Maybe I’m biased. But also, even if ahjumma was rude towards me (wasn’t the case all the time, but happened). Food that she serves was prepared with love. Because that person… Read More

Batu Caves

As I wrote in “Destinations,” Kurama is one of my favorite places. Because it feels like a town out of fairy tail: small, green, mysterious. The first time I was there, Japan had a typhoon Jebi, so before we went to the airport, I got a call from my mother who was simply terrified. The news reported that Kansai international was blocked because of the high water level on the landing site…. Read More

Let’s start with the most popular one and the nevertheless than with the most significant wooden structures in the world.  1-Todaiji Temple Most mentioned and most photographed place in Nara, located in the heart of the city. Park is home to history, culture, and nature. Highlights include watching the park’s roe deer wander the woods and lawns while visiting its many historical buildings. Including the magnificent Kofuku-ji Temple adjacent to the large Sarusawa Pond…. Read More

You know that we all like to browse Instagram or YouTube, but usually, we are drawn to a topic that is interesting for us. Many European are fascinated and drawn to Asia. South Korea and Japan are favorite topics for the last five years. And me being nosy as I am, I made research before the first trip to Asia, I found this Epic blogger Milena, who told me about Korean country…. Read More

2. Scaliger Tombs – 3 skq.m. cage with 5 EUR fee entrance is not worth it, at all. Located next to the Piazza dei Signori, the Scaliger Tombs. A series of Gothic funerary monuments dedicated to the influential Scaliger family. This family ruled Verona for many years, and the heads of the house sat as the Lords of Verona. Enclosed within a series of ornate Iron grills. Tombs have a Gothic design… Read More

If you did see beautiful videos on YouTube or did hear a romantic tale of Romeo & Juliet, you know what I’m talking about.  The biggest problem is that the Internet and reality are different things. Sorry if I’ll burst your bubble, but that’s my travel scribbles, and if you are reading this, you are ready for my biased opinion.  I wrote a short travel guide in my Destinations, and that was… Read More

I know I promised you that I will share my mistakes and my travel tips and tricks, so let’s start. If you have your own opinion, and that’s very good. I would really want to hear it in the comments. ⁣ 1. Remember that the Deer Are Wild Animals⁣ The most crucial point to remember is that the deer in Nara are living there because they have been considered sacred animals. Yes,… Read More

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