Silverfox's Notes


Let’s start with the most popular one and the nevertheless than with the most significant wooden structures in the world.  1-Todaiji Temple Most mentioned and most photographed place in Nara, located in the heart of the city. Park is home to history, culture, and nature. Highlights include watching the park’s roe deer wander the woods and lawns while visiting its many historical buildings. Including the magnificent Kofuku-ji Temple adjacent to the large Sarusawa Pond…. Read More

That’s my personal, and researched list of to-dos, so feel free to suggest in the comment section places that I missed 🙂 It’s a mane draft of my travel itinerary, which will be transformed in to separate posts with pictures and details, and hopefully, even travel scribbles after my trip to Malaysia. 1. Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Centre Petronas Twin Towers is the pride of Malaysia. Located in the heart… Read More

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