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You know that we all like to browse Instagram or YouTube, but usually, we are drawn to a topic that is interesting for us. Many European are fascinated and drawn to Asia. South Korea and Japan are favorite topics for the last five years. And me being nosy as I am, I made research before the first trip to Asia, I found this Epic blogger Milena, who told me about Korean country. Food, culture, Geek stuff, K-pop, and all that info are from her experiences, after all she is married to Korean. So I would say she know insider info on a first-hand basis.

, Silverfox's Notes
Busan Forever!!

I did watch all of her videos to be able to understand different perspectives of Korean culture, and that was helpful. You don’t trust blindly, and you listen more, you know Koreans better.

, Silverfox's Notes
National “costume” Hanbok

And at the same time, it’s a talented geek with a legit opinion on many things.

The most “favorite” thing in her that I cherish most is that you get what you see. I’m proud to call her my friend and I’m kidding you not, what you see in the videos is toned down behavior. In real life, its fire-cracked and a bundle of ideas. Who even provoked and pushed me long enough that I made my home page.

I know that there is a bunch of bloggers who are blogging about South Korea and making beautiful pictures. And i applaud them for there hard work. But for me, personality is always more critical than a well-written post or well-edited picture. So if you are my “kind of people” I strongly recommend to visit YouTube http://www.youtu.be/4BPIVWXWoS8 and follow her IG http://www.instagram.com/milenadokim or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dokimmilena

For the news, food-porn, ideas, reviews, insider information on the culture, travel blogs, and messy fun time.

, Silverfox's Notes

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