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Covid-19 the end of the old world and the beginning of new?

…and counting

I guess we are all scared by this time and situation overall, me as a frequent traveler, I have mixed feelings from one hand I’m happy for the time break that I can use to concentrate on my work and family. I never thought that I have Terabytes of pictures that I never used and not even sorted, just lying there. Now looking at them, I remember my travels with my family and can remember happy moments. And mishaps that happened.

As always, there is a downside

I need to rely on my savings and my job without traveling. I’m scared of how this pandemic will turn out and how it will affect business overall. I’m afraid that my family or my friends can be affected by this virus. But I believe that this situation sooner or later will change. And we will become stronger than we were before this.
I hope that we will remember that without us, the world won’t stop turning. That we will appreciate more that we have and don’t take it for granted.

I think “how will world change” and cant wait to see that new world after the pandemic, coz it will be changed. And at the same time, I worry that traveling will be sharply restricted. I hope we can let die all the bad habits and practices. And adapts a better, cleaner way to live. And I’m not talking about hygiene, I’m talking about things that we do, how we do it. How crocked sometimes is our perception of the world and other people.

This pandemic taught me some vital lessons.

  • Cherish people in your life, coz they may disappear from it very quickly.
  • Value what they do for you because they are not obligated to do anything.
  • Respect other wellbeing and put the health of others in the first place.
  • Stay safe, and keep safe others.
  • Small things sometimes matter more.
  • Don’t panic, there is always a solution to every problem, even if you can’t see it at the moment.
  • Changes are unavoidable; accept it don’t fight it.

I read all posts that my followers write about COVID19 and pandemic in general, to see their perspective, and I talk with people on IG. It makes me happy that most of us stay positive and use this downtime to evolve and learn something new and unexpected. Break free from old routines, habits, and even change jobs. Some people start their business right now, changing their niche from profitable to something that is more needed at the moment. And I applaud them.
So why I even wrote this, I guess I needed to pour my boiling thoughts out on the “paper,” share my fears, I’m just a regular person, not a demigod. I would really like to know your thoughts on this topic. What do you think about this global pandemic?

Update: 11.06.2020

Finally, State of Emergency is lifted in Latvia. It was declared yesterday… and was such a relief.

Yes, people still get infected. But it’s only 3 or even less, so if we are continuing to maintain healthy habits. And keeping ourselves safe, we should be good even for the second wave of Covid 19, which is prognosed to hit the world in the winter.

How are you feel about it? What’s happening in your country?

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