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Monthly Archives: February 2021

One of the decorations is calligraphy. The most common word is fú (福), meaning happiness or fortune. But you’ll rarely see it upright. In the Ming dynasty, the Emperor ordered every household to decorate by pasting fu onto their doors. On New Year’s Day, he sent soldiers to check. They found that one illiterate family pasted the word upside down. The Emperor ordered the family to be punished by death. Thankfully, the Empress was… Read More

If you want long answer short? Hell yeah! But, there are some variables within this discussion. When we are taking about Busan, the number of days you invest there is essential to enjoying yourself. Frankly, if you don’t dedicate enough time to Busan (specifically, if you ignore advice and attempt to take a field trip from Seoul). You will be sorely disappointed because you will not have the ability to see much… Read More

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